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Top 10 items for a nursery

Written by Hospital Bassinet Hire on April 21, 2015 – 9:24 pm

Guest blog from Vanessa Sutherland, The Baby Consultant

Creating a beautiful bedroom for your baby is one of the most exciting tasks for parents-to-be. But with the baby product market full to bursting it can be hard to know where to begin!

1. Bassinette

While a baby can go straight to a cot, lots of parents choose a cosy smaller option for baby’s first bed. A bassinette on wheels means it’s easy to move around from nursery to parents room. If you’re keen to keep bub close by, there’s a great range of co-sleeping options with drop sides that line up along parents bed, meaning night time feeds and checking are so much easier. Before choosing beds make yourself familiar with the SIDs safe sleeping guidelines and check that the cot that fits in with the Australian/New Zealand Safety Standards. All the information you need is available on the ACCC website which is nice and easy to navigate and covers all the nursery essentials.

2. Cot and cot mattress

The range and styles of cots has exploded in recent years, and parents are spoilt for choice! No longer a square box with rails, choose from beautiful natural wood finishes, soft curves, and clear sides (a genius idea!), meaning you’ll easily find a cot to suit your style. Choose a firm fitting mattress and look for added features like an adjustable height base (making linen changes a cinch), storage underneath and convertible sides to transform to a toddler bed when the time comes. With so much choice there’ll be a price point that suits all budgets, so you’re sure to get something you love.

3. Change Table

There’ll be plenty of nappy changes in the coming years so avoid change time chaos with a change table holding everything you need! A table at just the right height with shelving or drawers can save your back and store all your bits and pieces like nappies, creams and wipes. Look for raised sides for safety and a comfy mat (with spare covers for when the unthinkable happens.) Looking for a budget option? A change mat on the floor can save you, and is easy to move around the house. I also really recommend a Nappy Caddy, a storage box with handle that carries all the change time essentials. It’s a great ‘grab and go’ solution especially when you need a quick change on the way out the door if there’s a last minute explosion!

4. Extra Storage

You’ll be amazed at the amount of gear babies come with! The toys, clothing, blankets and books soon pile up. Reduce the clutter and stash them away with a great selection of furniture and storage options. Remember that baby will be on the move in the months to come, so safe and sturdy furniture is essential. A large dresser can contain all your baby clothing, muslins, and bedding items. Plus if space is an issue you can substitute the change table for a purpose built change mat topper on the dresser. Colourful baskets and boxes are a fun and stylish solution for soft toys.

5. A Comfy Feeding Spot with Chair

With frequent feeds in the early weeks it’s great to have an area where you’ve got everything at your fingertips. An expensive chair isn’t necessary – as long as it’s comfy and let’s you have a relaxed position, it will provide more back support than feeding in bed. Plus you’ll need water (breastfeeding mums are super thirsty!), pillows for support, and a pen and paper if you’re still jotting down your feed times and nappy changes.

6. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor provides real peace of mind for new parents. Rather than popping in to check on bub (and risk disturbing them!) you can be reassured they’re doing fine. But with a huge range of options, it can be hard to know what you need. Look for a monitor with batteries so you can take it with you when you pop out of earshot, a temperature reading so you can be sure the nursery isn’t too hot or cold, plus a light display so you can turn the sound off but still see when baby wakes. While a lot of monitors offer movement sensors, they’re really only needed for special circumstances and a basic sound or video option is sufficient for most parents. Techie Tip: if you have a smartphone or tablet check out the options that can connect a camera using wifi, meaning you can check up on baby from anywhere. But remember you’ll need a reliable internet connection to make this effective.

7. Nursery Décor

It is SO exciting dreaming of the perfect nursery and parents today have loads of inspiration online. There are entire websites dedicated to nursery design alone, and you can even have nursery style boards created for you if you wish. Don’t have the budget for a designer? Pinterest is a wonderful alternative. With a basic idea in mind you can pin all the things you love and find all the pieces you need that fit within your own budget. But beware! Lots of nurseries online include duvets, cot bumpers and pillows and while they look pretty, they aren’t safe so always keep them out of the cot when baby is sleeping.

8. Nursery Linens

You’ll need good quality fitted sheets for your baby bed plus a mattress protector in a natural, breathable fabric. Save yourself the stress of no clean linens by having at least two of each at hand. There are beautiful organic ranges available which are soft and non-irritating on sensitive newborn skin, plus a great basics range for a smaller budget. Sleeping bags have replaced the need for blankets and covers (no more kicked off the night!) they come in a range of sizes and weights so you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the options available.

9. Night Light

Night time feeds and checks are frequent so a soft light will make it safe for you without disturbing baby. A dimmer switch on your current lighting or bedside lamp or even a very budget friendly nightlight that plugs into the wall are all great ways to avoid the harsh light for you and baby.

10. A Music Player for White Noise and Lullabies

White noise is great for soothing and settling newborn babies so a music player with a white noise track can be a real godsend for new parents. Lullabies can also be a lovely part of your babies bedtime routine and are a reassuring end to the day for a little one. Ensure it’s in a safe place, with no accessible cords and placed out of reach. Be extra careful of the volume so there’s no damage to little ones ears.

A few other nuggets:

  • All your nursery essentials can be found at varying price points, so it IS possible to avoid budget blowout. If you’re buying second hand from ebay or borrowing from friends and family, always familiarise yourself with the safety basics and check over all items thoroughly.
  • is an independent, not for profit body that reviews all the baby essentials. It’s a great place to compare baby products, see possible safety concerns, see test results and get an idea for price.
  • Try to avoid overwhelm and hours online reviewing hundreds of products! Chat to friends and family about items they’ve gotten good value from and those that have been must-haves.
  • If you don’t know the gender of your bub you can add those extra touches after your baby is born. Stick to the basic white or beige and then add accessories like a framed birth date print or fun wall decals after your baby is born.

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